I'm still cute.


A good day's work

Sweet dreams.

It's in here somewhere!

Where is that good-smelling stuff??

Sober once more

Heinie takes renewed interest.

The Queen Bee

Ol' Portia laughed When Lucy Fell...

Swatted at her, and jumped up to soak up the sun and glare at her minions.

Who, blasted on kitty weed, simply looked up at her with big, happy eyes.

Lucy loves it

Sister Lucy takes a turn, get glassy-eyed, and plays till she falls off.

Head first.

(Of course, she meant to do that.)

Playing tooth and claw

Checking out the middle level.

The thing's infused with cat nip. Which explains a lot. <^..^>~~

The new toy

Probably better suited for (smaller) kittens, but they think they're kittens anyway, so no harm, no foul.